How dirty are your area rugs?

Eureka Company studies have found that a 9×12 area rug can hide up to 87 pounds of dirt!  Forget about dog hair; that’s your whole dog (and maybe a couple of kids too)!  However, area rugs are about as diverse as there are people and companies who make them.  There are many factors to consider: fiber type, construction type, dye stability, fringe construction, pet urine and/or sun damage, moth contamination, etc.  All of these things must be considered, and any one of these components can complicate the cleaning process.  That’s why we customize a cleaning approach for every rug.  Think of us like a rug boutique.

Our Exclusive 12-Step Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Initial Pre-inspection, Price Quote, and Pick-up
Step 2: Detailed Pre-inspection to determine:

  • Fiber type: is it natural or synthetic?
  • Dye stability: is it colorfast, fugitive, or excess dye?
  • Construction type: is it woven, tufted, or custom?
  • Pre-existing Conditions/Damage: is there pet urine, stenciling, dry rot, delamination, bad latex, abrash, asymmetry, etc.?
  • Fringe: is there damage, or will the fringe need extra treatment after cleaning?

Step 3: Dry soil removal/dusting
Step 4: Pre-condition, pre-spot, dye-stabilizer application
Step 5: Pit wash or surface clean (depending on the level of cleanability)
Step 6: Spot/stain treatment, enzyme/deodorizer application
Step 7: Rinse w/ pH balancer
Step 8: Water removal and extraction
Step 9: Dry with air movers and dehumidification
Step 10: Fringe cleaning/treatment
Step 11: Finish and groom/post-vacuum
Step 12: Post-inspection and delivery

Oriental and fine area rugs are investments that require a lot of training, diligence, and precision when it comes to cleaning; which is right up our alley!  We are excited to offer in-plant rug washing as a valuable service to our clients.

Other Cleaning Services:

Purity Cleaning & Restoration Services also offers Carpet CleaningWindow Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Log Home Interior CleaningHardwood Floor Cleaning, and Tile & Grout Cleaning

We also offer restoration services:

Water restoration and Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning

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