Water damage can be devastating to your home or business and belongings if not handled properly. You may not even realize the hidden damage until some time has passed. Unfortunately, in the meantime, your structure can sustain significant damage.

Purity Cleaning and Restoration Services is here to help – Purity has been serving the Bitterroot Valley with experienced, personal service since 1983.  We have IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) certified technicians on staff that understand all of the special considerations that need to be taken to protect and preserve your home’s contents as well as the structure itself.

Our team is here to help restore your property at this stressful time and we encourage you to ask us how we can best serve your individual needs. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions from our customers about water damage:

What should I do if I discover a water leak?

  • Call us at (406) 642-3545 any time, day or night. We respond to water emergencies 7 days a week.
  • Turn off your breakers serving the flooded areas, especially if the wiring and light fixtures are wet.
  • Remove all furniture and personal belongings from affected rooms.
  • Watch for sagging, water-filled ceilings as they can collapse and cause injury and check for water in adjacent rooms. Additionally, be aware of other hazards. If possible, avoid the area if it seems unsafe.
  • Contact your insurance company.

Why can’t I just do the work myself?

  • It’s the water you can’t see that causes problems. Water will saturate the drywall, insulation, studs, subfloors and many other surfaces you cannot see.  Carpets can delaminate, paint can bubble and peel, glues may dissolve, hardwood floors buckle and warp, and dark enclosed spaces are excellent places for mold to grow. ALL of this and more will be addressed by our professional staff.  Without professional monitoring equipment, you will not be able to determine if water is hiding from your view.

Do I have to wait to contact my insurance company and meet with an adjuster before I can call you?

  • Generally, the answer to this is no. Most homeowner and business policies require you to do whatever you need to prevent further damage.  First, stop the source of the water.  Next, call your insurance company.  Sometimes an insurance claim call center will try and pressure you into using one of their “preferred vendors.” You do not have to use any company they recommend.  You may hire whomever you want.  We will work with your insurance company and adjuster during restoration.  We have worked with every major insurance company in the past 30 years and are very well versed in the insurance claim process.  We also use the same software most insurance companies use when we estimate cost.

How long does the drying process take?

  • It depends on a number of factors including the size and scope of the initial water damage, how long it was wet, the type of materials involved (carpet, hard floors, concrete, etc.), weather conditions and location. Generally, it should take between 3 to 5 days.

Can I stay in my home or office during restoration?

  • If the structure is safe, you should be able to stay in your home or office. Be aware that the equipment used during the drying process can be noisy and will create a lot of air movement.  Check with your insurance company regarding coverage of alternative living arrangements during the restoration process.

How often will you need access to my home or office?

  • We monitor the progress of each job regularly, typically daily, so we can make any adjustments needed. The equipment will need to run constantly and we ask that you not move or turn off the equipment at any time.

Can you salvage my furniture, carpets, floors, etc.?

  • We will do what we can to help you salvage anything that is important to you. However, we cannot make promises as it all depends on the severity of the damage and the type of water with which the items came into contact.  For example, if the water was Category 3 (“black water”) coming from a toilet, septic, or sewer system, many items may be too contaminated to save.

Who is responsible for paying for the service?

  • You are responsible for payment. The property owner will need to sign a Work Authorization for the work and payment.  If this is an insurance claim we will work with your adjuster to come to an agreed cost for the drying/mitigation portion of the claim.

Will mold and mildew be a concern?

  • Fast response, professional equipment, and EPA-approved antimicrobial products will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If the water source is found quickly, and drying can commence immediately, mold is rarely a concern. However, microbial growth can happen on water damaged/soaked building materials within 5 – 7 days if conditions are right, so it is imperative that drying and mitigation happen right away.

We know there are many more questions that arise during the course of a water damage event, and we will be happy to answer each of them with care and concern.

Purity Cleaning and Restoration Services, Inc. is a second-generation, family-owned business that has been serving the Bitterroot Valley since 1983. We provide professional smoke, fire, and water restoration as well as a variety of specialty cleaning services for windows and flooring. At Purity, our mission is to create beauty and well-being right here in the community we love.

Call us today at (406) 642-3545.

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