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COVID-19 Health Precautions

We are so happy to be in a position to continue our cleaning services for all of our valued customers during this uncertain time.  We are considered an “essential service” and will remain open during the Shelter In Place Directive.  In order to ensure we can continue to remain available, we would like to inform you of what we are doing to protect you while in your home or business and how you can help protect us as well.


  • Workers are screened daily for early-onset symptoms of any illness. All employees that feel unwell will be given paid time off to recuperate.
  • Wearing personal protective equipment such as boot covers, gloves, and masks if necessary or requested for specific “high risk” customers.
  • Washing our hands frequently, including between each job, as well as using hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • Wiping down ALL of our in-the-home equipment with an EPA-approved disinfectant before each new job. 


  • Please inform us if anyone in your home or business has been feeling unwell, has been potentially exposed to anyone with COVID-19, or has recently traveled internationally.
  • Practice social distancing while we are in your home or business.  We request that no occupants be in the rooms we are cleaning while our workers are in there and that a minimum of 6 ft of separation is maintained when communicating while in your home or business.
  • When possible, be prepared to receive a digital invoice through email or text to help minimize transfer contact between our workers and yourself.  If you have the ability to pay online with a Credit or Debit card, that would be preferred as well.

If you have any questions at all or feel there is more we can do to help protect you please let us know.  We are committed to keeping our customers and workers healthy.  (406) 642-3545