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Junk Removal Services

Purity Cleaning junk removal before and after.

Purity Cleaning provides mobile junk removal services that can access almost any property in the Bitterroot Valley.

Our team can remove junk from inside your house or pick it up at the curb.  Do you have a large job? We can provide the manpower to accomplish it in a timely manner.

  • For homeowners: Furniture, Tires, scrap metal, and other household junk that can’t fit in your garbage can.
  • For landlords:  Property/rental junk cleanup after tenant departure.
  • For Auctioneers/Estate sales companies:  We can remove any items not sold from the estate to help reduce your workload.
  • For Realtors:  We offer a hassle-free way for your clients to remove junk from their property before they move out or after they move in.

Rates For Large Jobs:

  • For large junk removal/cleanup jobs we can come out and do free estimates
  • Curbside pickup is $695 per full load and $495 per half-load in our 15-yard dump trailer.  We load it for you!

Rates For Homeowners/Landlords With Smaller Needs.

  • Mattresses + Box spring: King – $75, Queen – $65, Anything Smaller – $50
  • Standard Couch: $65
  • Sectional Couch: $75
  • Easy Chair: $50
  • Washer, Dryer, Stove, and Dishwasher: $50 each ***Appliances must be empty.
  • Refrigerator: $80+ $20 recycling fee ***Appliances must be empty.
  • AC Unit: $50 + $20 recycling fee
  • Tires: Small – $10 ea., Medium – $12 ea., Large – $25+ ea. depending on size

More Info:

  • Furniture and other large items not listed above can be assessed and quoted by request.
  • Bagged goods can vary depending on weight and quantity. We must be able to see the contents of the bagged goods before disposal.
  • If we are removing the item from the home, extra fees apply.
  • A minimum charge of $50 if we need to make a special trip. If we are in your area, the above rates apply.

We DO NOT Accept:

Paint, Oil, Combustible Fluids, Household Chemicals, Dead Animals (or live ones!), Vehicle Fluids, Antifreeze, and Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Acids etc.).

Customers will be required to certify that none of the items that Purity Cleaning disposes of for them are hazardous (see list above).  And that all items will be accepted at any dump or recycling center as a non-hazardous item.  

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