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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Having your tile and grout professionally cleaned can help extend the life of your floors.

Mopping your tile floors is great to keep your floors maintained between professional cleaning but it will not get the deep-down embedded dirt that will cause your tile and grout surfaces to look dull and dingy over time.  Grout is a porous material that will absorb dirt and debris and improper cleaning or use of the wrong products can discolor and permanently weaken your grout.

We Clean Most Types of Tile On:

  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Showers
  • Walls
  • Any other tiled areas in your home


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to have my tile professionally cleaned?

We are happy to provide a free pre-inspection and price quote. We do not offer flat pricing since each home or business is different and comes with its own set of unique circumstances.  There are many factors that can affect pricing.  It is necessary to physically inspect and measure the areas to be cleaned to determine factors such as soil level, type of stone, amount of furniture to be moved, multi-level homes or businesses that affect ease of access, and exact measurement of the area to be cleaned.

How often should I have my tile professionally cleaned?

Scheduling a professional tile and grout cleaning at least once or twice a year (spring and fall cleanings are most common) can make a huge difference in the appearance and durability of your floors, countertops, and walls.

Do I need to vacuum/sweep before you arrive?

Please thoroughly vacuum/sweep your floors before we arrive.  Our technician will also vacuum as part of our exclusive cleaning process.

Will you move my furniture?

We will discuss furniture movement at the pre-inspection if you require assistance.  Otherwise, please remove small pieces of furniture, such as dining room chairs, ottomans, end tables, etc. from the areas you plan to have us clean, as well as all breakable items from furniture which we will be moving.  Please advise our technician upon arrival about any special requirements on moving your furniture; weak legs, loose tops, etc.  Heavy furniture (china hutches, entertainment centers, etc.) generally will not be moved, unless prior arrangements have been made.

How long will it take to clean my tile?

Many factors are considered in the cleaning process. A timeline can best be determined when our technician visits your property to do a free pre-inspection.

How long will it take for my floors to dry?

It will be dry to walk on before we leave.  If you are planning to have your floor sealed, it would be best to allow the floor to dry for a few days.

Do I need to be home while you clean?

It is not necessary for you to be home while we clean as long as you have made prior arrangements with us to gain entry into your home and there is no one under the age of 18 present in the home in your absence.  Prior arrangement for payment will need to be made as well since payment is due at time of service.  In most cases leaving a check on the counter will be just fine and we will leave a receipt in its place when we leave.  You may also pay in advance by credit card over the phone or online.

Are your cleaning products safe?

We strive to use cleaning products that are safe for your family and pets, and the environment as well! If you have any questions or concerns about our products, we’ll be happy to answer them. Material Safety Data Sheets are also available upon request for any of the cleaning products we use. 

Do I need to provide access to water?

Yes. We will need access to cold water through an outside spigot or another source that has the ability to have a hose attached to it.

Do you clean natural stone such as slate, granite, or marble?

Some types of natural stone require specialty products or may be sensitive to our normal cleaning procedures.  Although we are able to adapt our methods and products to clean most types of stone and tile, a pre-inspection of your specific tile or stone will be completed to assess the type, method, and depth of cleaning allowed or required.

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