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If you live in the Bitterroot Valley, chances are you’ve had a few run-ins with hard water.

While high mineral content in the water is not typically harmful to drink, it can leave unsightly deposits on windows. It often shows up in the form of a haze on the glass or chalky white shapes like water droplets.

What are hard water stains?

Hard water is filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, or iron. It is often caused when dolomite or limestone dissolves into the water. These minerals remain in the water and on your windows when water droplets are left on the glass and evaporate. The longer the repeated exposure to hard water, the more mineral buildup on windows occurs and the tougher it is to remove.

How to identify hard water stains

Hard water stains are easier to identify on a clean window. A window caked with dirt or pollen may already have a dinginess to it that can mask hard water staining. A freshly cleaned window will immediately show evidence of hard water spots since they are not removed with water or typical window cleaning solutions.

Hard water stain removal

For light stains, cleaning with vinegar may be sufficient. Vinegar is an acid and can dissolve some mineral deposits from hard water. When cleaning with vinegar, care must be taken that it does not dwell on any surface that it might damage. It is an acid after all. This is especially prevalent with aluminum window frames that have the potential to become etched by acid if not neutralized properly.

Purity Cleaning, Inc. offers hard water treatment for your windows. We use a low pH solution to dissolve stubborn hard water stains, then neutralize the surfaces to prevent etching or other damage.

Hard Water Stain Prevention

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping an eye out for windows that are being exposed to groundwater and righting the issue is a good way to prevent hard water stains. Typical offenders are wayward sprinkler heads that regularly spray or mist windows.

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