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It’s that time; rain, sleet, snow, and all the wonderful people and pets who bring that good stuff inside!

Whether it’s your children, your pets, or your husband coming back from his hunting excursions, you’ll be fighting the mud demons for the next several months as we slop our way through winter.

Here are a few tips on keeping your carpets in as good a shape as possible:


Vacuum regularly

  • The most important step in keeping your carpet looking great over time is regular, detailed vacuuming
  • Try to vacuum at least 2 times a week, and high traffic areas should be vacuumed daily
  • Check and replace your vacuum bag more often.  A bag 50% full can decrease your vacuum’s efficiency by over 75%!

Allow mud to dry before cleaning

  • After mud has dried, it will usually vacuum out pretty easily

Clean up food spills immediately

  • Remove solid materials as gently as possible with a spoon, dull knife, or even a key
  • Apply a safe spotting agent, using as small an amount as possible.  (Note: We give out FREE bottles of “spotter” to all our customers FOR LIFE!)
  • Blot the area (never rub or scrub- it will damage the fibers)
  • Rinse with clear water

For difficult stains

  • Try moistening tufts with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let stand for one hour
  • Blot and repeat until completely clean.

When your carpet begins looking dull or obvious traffic patterns are emerging

  • It is time to have your carpets professionally deep-cleaned! All carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned by the process known as hot-water extraction at least every 12-18 months to best prolong its life and appearance.
  • We have the best system around; we can deep clean your carpets with high heat and ample vacuum power, so your carpets are left soft, rejuvenated, and dry within a few hours!
  • And the best part is, we can clean carpets all year-round, so don’t let the rainy blues outside keep you from enjoying a refreshing, clean, and beautiful house inside!

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