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This is a guide to keep your house neat and tidy in between a more thorough house cleaning.

By developing a routine and sticking to it, last-minute visitors won’t leave you scrambling and anxious to restore order before guests arrive.

One of the most important tips to keep it simple is to have all the right tools and cleaning supplies in one place. A sturdy caddy that you can carry from room to room is an excellent way to do this. Also, replenish supplies as needed and take the time to clean out the dirt from your vacuum regularly for optimum efficiency.

During the week, find a rhythm that suits your lifestyle.

Maybe you prefer to do one or two chores daily while others will want to get them all done in one day. Whatever your situation, you can apply these easy tips for stress-free in-between cleanings.

Keep the right cleaning tools all in one convenient place.

Include all-purpose surface cleaners and a window spray for mirrors/glass, microfiber cloths with an adjustable wand for high-reach places, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and bathroom cleaners.

Clear the clutter.

  • If you don’t have time to put everything back in its place each day, gather items in a wash basket or plastic tote, then have everyone put whatever they left behind back in its place.
  • Magazines or newspapers – clip articles, recipes, etc. that you want to save and recycle after reading.

Keep the kitchen clean.

  • Add dirty dishes to the dishwasher daily. Run when filled and empty the next day.
  • Clean up as you cook by wiping up drips and spills, putting things like spices back in place, and rinsing prep bowls.
  • Keep kitchen cleaner spray and paper towels handy to wipe counters and appliances regularly.
  • Don’t let items you need to wash by hand accumulate and get overwhelming.
  • Get rid of garbage to keep kitchen odor-free.

Work the whole house instead of just one room at a time.

  • Take dusting supplies and continue through each room; then follow with vacuuming. Also, clean all the bathrooms at the same time.
  • First add cleaner to toilets, then spray shower stalls, tubs, and sinks. While the cleaner is working its magic, clean mirrors and fixtures then go back to wipe down and rinse showers, tubs, and sinks, leaving toilet scrubbing for last.
  • Begin dusting from the top down with a long-handled microfiber cloth – start with ceiling fans, highest shelves, lamps/lampshades, knick-knacks, TV, then table surfaces.
  • After dusting, run the vacuum throughout the house and/or sweep and mop floors.

Extra add-on tasks if time allows.

  • Throw a load of laundry in the washer before you begin cleaning. By the time you are done, the laundry will be ready for the dryer.
  • Replace hand towels and change bedsheets.
  • Spot clean rugs and windows as needed. If you have pets, use a sticky roller to pick up hair on upholstery.

Also, getting the family involved can speed things up and make your job easier.

Assign tasks to your kids and, yes, even your spouse. Then make it a routine and take away the distractions like TV, cell phones, tablets, etc. for 30 minutes or so and turn on some lively music to keep the pace and make it fun!

Practice these bonus tips and tidying up will be even easier:

  • Go thru the mail each day – throw away the junk mail and organize the rest.
  • Spray and rinse or squeegee the shower immediately after each use…really, it only takes a minute.
  • Put dirty clothes right into a hamper and don’t allow laundry to build up.
  • Have an area for coats, keys, backpacks, etc. near the door.

A new routine may take a few weeks to flow, but don’t give up. Once you develop a rhythm and everyone is accustomed to doing their jobs, it will get easier and you will finish faster. Then when it comes to giving your house a more thorough cleaning, the job won’t seem as daunting.

For those really BIG once or twice a year JOBS, leave it to the experts.

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