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You thought your dog was house trained, but he surprised you. You got a new puppy and he’s not grasping the concept of going outside to tinkle. The cat decided that the litter box wasn’t quite to her liking.

Whatever the situation might be, now you’ve found yourself with a urine spot on your carpet and you are wondering about the best way to deal with it.

Here we will discuss what to do in the most optimal situation and what the options are when things are less than optimal.

First step – removal

First, it is best to remove as much of the urine as possible. This can be done with towels, paper towels, or even a wet/dry vacuum. Time is of the essence with this step in order to prevent the urine from soaking into the pad beneath the carpet. Carpet pads that have absorbed urine usually continue to hold an odor no matter how many times the carpet above has been cleaned. The only way to remove odor from a urine-soaked carpet pad is to replace the pad.

Although the ideal scenario would be that the urine is not allowed to soak into the carpet pad, sometimes this is not possible. Maybe you were out of the house when the accident took place or didn’t notice it until much later. In any case, professional carpet cleaning is the best choice to remove a good amount of the smell and the stain, as well as clean the surface fibers.

Carpet cleaning

Now that the majority of the mess has been removed, it’s time to clean the carpet. Purity Cleaning and Restoration Services, Inc. recommends the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning to deal with pet urine. We first apply a compound to break the urine down and help remove any staining that might have occurred. Next carpet cleaning is performed with a general detergent followed by a hot rinse and extraction. After this, an odorcide is raked into the carpet to further reduce residual odor. Drying is then accelerated using high-power air movers. Rapidly drying a urine-soiled carpet after cleaning can lessen the wicking up of urine that may have soaked into the pad. As stated previously, though, in cases of urine-soaked carpet pads, there is no guarantee that the smell will ever completely be gone.

Extra protection

It is a smart move to have carpet protector applied to your carpet after cleaning. Products such as Scotchgard and Maxim make it harder for moisture and soils to permeate the carpet, so spills and pet urine are more easily extracted and cleaned. In addition to this, carpet protector can help defend against abrasion of carpet fibers, which would otherwise give the carpet a dingy, worn look.

Let us help

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